Top 10 Your Worst Nightmare – Card Games

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1. Pressman


Black, Pressman Your Worst Nightmare The Card Game That Makes You Face Your Fears

Pressman #Anzeige - Includes 300 beautifully photographed Fear Cards, ranging from horrifying to hilarious. For 2-4 players, ages 12 and up. This frighteningly fun game features the world's scariest nightmares. A great ice-breaker, this game inspires conversation as players share what really scares them and why. Players face their fears as they rank others' fears.
MarkaPressman #Anzeige
ProducentPressman #Anzeige
Wysokość8 Inches
Długość6.5 inches
Szerokość2.3 inches
Numer części108602
GwarancjaNo Warranty

2. Pressman


Pressman Your Worst Nightmare The Card Game That Makes You Face Your Fears, 5"

Pressman #Anzeige - For 2-4 players, ages 12 and up. This frighteningly fun game features the world's scariest nightmares. Includes 300 beautifully photographed fear cards, ranging from horrifying to hilarious. Players face their fears as they rank others' Fears. A great ice-breaker, this game inspires conversation as players share what really scares them and why.
MarkaPressman #Anzeige
ProducentPressman #Anzeige
Wysokość8 inches
Długość6.5 inches
Waga1 Pounds
Szerokość2.25 inches
Numer części2243
GwarancjaNo Warranty



Face Your Worst Nightmares with Four Terrifying New Foes! Cooperative Strategy Game, 1 Hour Playtime, Ages 14+, Made, 1-6 Players, CMON Zombicide 2nd Edition Urban Legends ABOMINATIONS Pack

CMON #Anzeige - Highly-detailed miniatures: experience the terror in exquisite detail with each Abomination brought to life through highly-detailed miniature figures, enhancing your gaming immersion and visual experience. Heighten the horror: regular abominations pale in comparison to these unique and formidable monsters.

Outwit and overcome: the abominations come with their own cards, featuring special rules that will test the creativity and resourcefulness of your survivor team as they strive to defeat these nightmarish foes in entirely new ways. This expansion introduces four new nightmarish foes to the apocalypse, Area 51 aliens, giant alligators, including killer clowns, and the infamous Chupacabra.

Unleash the urban legends: explore the dark corners of fear. Add these creatures to any scenario and intensify the danger, challenging your survivor team like never before. Expand your zombicide horror: elevate your Zombicide 2nd Edition adventures with the Urban Legends Abominations Pack and confront urban myths that have come to life in the apocalypse.
MarkaCMON #Anzeige
ProducentAsmodee #Anzeige
Wysokość1.57 inches
Długość5.12 inches
Szerokość4.75 inches
Numer częściZCD004

4. Buffalo Games


Disney Chronology Game – Family Game, Featuring 150 Disney Events, Make Disney History, Family Game for Night Disney Fans Ages 10 and Up

Buffalo Games #Anzeige - ​. Its not about what, but about when! ​. Over 150 events – 150 cards featuring events spanning the entire Disney Timeline. ​. Celebrate the magic of disney history! – test your disney knowledge with this iconic game of time that celebrates key moments in Disney’s 100-year history! ​. Great gift - this game is the perfect gift for anyone who loves Disney and wants to celebrate the characters, films, and more! Perfect for superfans and casual fans alike. Fun family game – fun trivia game doesn’t require you to know dates, just put the events in the right order.
MarkaBuffalo Games #Anzeige
ProducentBuffalo Games #Anzeige
Wysokość0.1 inches
Długość7.5 inches
Szerokość4 inches
Numer części464



Action TV, Official The Last of Us Merchandise, Movies & Video Games, TUBBZ First Edition Bloater Collectible Vinyl Rubber Duck Figure

TUBBZ #Anzeige - Collect all of your favourite characters from games, TV shows, movies, comic books, and popular music as they come to life as rubber duck vinyls.

This officially licensed gift is part of the TUBBZ range, a highly collectable series pop culture characters in duck form - perfect for jeep ducking. As for tubbz, it doesn’t get more terrifying than The Bloater; its exquisite details capture the hideously disfigured state as the infection takes hold. This is your worst nightmare! Comes in a collector's stackable bathtub display case, featuring the The Last of Us logo. Approximately 9 centimeters 3. 54 inches tall when outside of tub display stand some may vary.
MarkaTUBBZ #Anzeige
ProducentRubber Road Ltd #Anzeige
Wysokość5.1 inches
Długość5.7 inches
Waga0.48 Pounds
Szerokość3.9 inches
Numer częściNS4496
Gwarancja1-year manufacturer’s warranty

6. DSS Games


A Family Party Game to Decide Who's Most Likely..., DSS Games Our Family is So Weird

DSS Games #Anzeige - Are you ready to call out your family at game night? Expose your family for their weird habits and cast your vote on who is notorious for characteristics like. What’s in the box: includes 150 prompt cards, 4 dry-erase boards, and 4 dry-erase markers.

73 has no filter or #60 could fall asleep anywhere. Youngest person is the judge first drawing a card and reading it aloud. Great for big groups and family game nights. For 3+ players ages 14+. Share stories, reasons and give evidence of why you voted for someone in the group. Round ends when a player reaches 7 cards.

Sharing stories to explain your vote is encouraged. The judge decides who gets the card if there’s a tie. From the creators of you laugh you’re Out family game and Who’s Most Likely To party game. Everyone writes down their vote on who should get the card. Votes are revealed and player with the most votes gets the card. How to play: gather at least 3 family members.
MarkaDSS Games #Anzeige
ProducentDSS Games #Anzeige
Wysokość9 inches
Długość6.25 inches
Waga1.07 pounds
Szerokość2 inches
Numer częściWeirdv1

7. Spontuneous


100% Humorous Fun, Spontuneous The Worst-CASE Scenario Card Game, All New Family/Party Game | 0% Trivia

Spontuneous #Anzeige - The all new worst-case scenario card Game is 0% trivia and 100% humorous fun. Ages 10-adult / 3-6 Players. An easy-to-learn card game that is perfect for family and adult game night. Match how players rank five worst-case scenarios from 1 Bad to 5 The Worst. Score the most points. And win! based on the the new york Times bestselling Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook. From the creator of Loaded Questions and Awkward Family Photos Greatest Hits. Match correctly and score points.
MarkaSpontuneous #Anzeige
ProducentAll Things Equal, Inc. #Anzeige
Wysokość2.25 inches
Długość8 inches
Waga1.41 Pounds
Szerokość6 inches
Numer częściBlack-31

8. Hasbro Gaming


Reimagined Clue Game for 2-6 Players, Mystery Games, Detective Games, Hasbro Gaming Clue Board Game for Kids Ages 8 and Up, Family Games for Kids and Adults

Hasbro Gaming #Anzeige - Discover their fascinating backstories – and try to uncover their secrets. Unlock secrets with clue cards: in a game where every character has something to hide, Clue cards help uncover clues faster to speed up the sleuthing! What card will an opponent be forced to reveal? Fun family game: players can immerse themselves in the Clue story again and again.

Elevated game components: includes 6 textured, gold-plated zinc tokens representing the weapons; sculpted character movers; and a beautifully detailed illustrated gameboard and Clue cards. The clue game, reimagined: this clue game combines classic Clue gameplay with richly reimagined takes on the original murder mystery storyline, intriguing cast of characters, and glamorous Tudor Mansion.

Just right for game night, this mystery game is a great board game for families and kids ages 8 and up. Solve the mystery: who killed boddy black? Collect clues and race to be the first to figure out who committed the murder, where in the mansion they did it, and what weapon was used. 6 suspects, 1 murder: play as miss scarlett, colonel Mustard, mayor green, Solicitor Peacock, chef white, or Professor Plum.
MarkaHasbro Gaming #Anzeige
ProducentHasbro #Anzeige
Wysokość10.5 inches
Długość1.63 inches
Szerokość15.75 inches
Numer częściF6420

9. Knight Models


Unpainted – Ages 14+, Knight Models Batman Miniature Game: Scarecrow: The Worst Nightmare – 35MM Scale

Knight Models #Anzeige - The batman miniature game: A skirmish game based on the broad Batman universe. Number of players and average playtime: a 2 Player Game where bands of 5 to 12 characters fight to achieve their objectives in games of 60 to 120 minutes duration.

Tactical strategy game: you can command one of the most famous criminal bands in Gotham City to expand your territory and control the underworld or stop their evil plans with the Dark Knight and his allies. Paint your way: miniatures are supplied unpainted. Preparation and assembly may be required. Detail rich scarecrow: the worst nightmare model: are you watching scarecrow escaping on a horse? Be careful can be a decoy to catch you with his Fear Toxin! Scarecrow: The Worst Nightmare will be a leader capable of infusing true terror to his enemies.
MarkaKnight Models #Anzeige
ProducentKnight Models #Anzeige
Wysokość1.25 Inches
Długość6 Inches
Waga0.1 pounds
Szerokość4.25 Inches
Numer częściKST35DC365

10. Hasbro Gaming


Mystery & Party Games, Great Halloween Party Game, Ages 14+, Secret Role Strategy Games, Clue Conspiracy Board Game for Adults and Teens, 4-10 Players, 45 Minutes

Hasbro Gaming #Anzeige - Multiple ways to win: the conspiracy wins by pulling off the murder plot at a specific location or secretly sabotaging and setting off traps. Enhance game with free app: scan the in-pack qr code to visit the free Clue Conspiracy web-app not required to play. The Conspiracy.

For 4-10 players. Friends try to keep Mr. Coral alive, while Conspiracy members secretly try to set up his murder. Who can you trust?: lie, gather clues, sabotage! In this mystery game, share info or not, it's all about mind games as players conspire, bluff, and call each other out to stop the other side. An island setting, where a guest maybe even you! is trying to murder its manager, a new victim: you're invited to the tropical Black Adder Resort, Mr. Play on secret teams: players play as clue characters and take on secret roles on opposing teams: Friends vs.

Deadly traps are spread throughout the resort grounds—and someone is armed. The adult version of clue you've been waiting for: lie to your friends, get away with murder! The Clue Conspiracy game is a secret role strategy game of shifting suspicions—with a party vibe! Ages 14+. Coral. Find a step-by-step set-up guide, instructional video, timer, and more to learn the game and immerse you in the story. The friends win by disarming all the traps, solving the WHO, WHERE, or if that fails, and WHAT of the secret Plot.
MarkaHasbro Gaming #Anzeige
ProducentHasbro #Anzeige
Wysokość7.87 Inches
Długość1.97 inches
Waga0.82 Pounds
Szerokość7.87 Inches
Numer częściF6418