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Fresh Harvest 2022 Seeds for Garden and Home, KVITER 20 Seeds Cat's Claw Creeper Dolichandra Unguis-Cati, Flowers 20 Seeds

KVITER #Anzeige - These seeds are harvested fresh in 2022 and are perfect for growing your own Cat's Claw Creeper plant. The plant is easy to grow, and the vines can climb up to 40 feet, making it an excellent option for adding a stunning visual element to your garden walls or trellises.

The plant is also low maintenance, making it perfect for those with busy schedules or those new to gardening. With 20 seeds included in the pack, you can plant multiple Cat's Claw Creeper plants and create a beautiful and cohesive look in your garden. This is an excellent opportunity to add a rare and attractive plant to your home or garden that is sure to impress all who see it.

The 20 seeds cat's claw creeper dolichandra Unguis-Cati pack is an excellent option for those looking to add a beautiful and unique plant to their garden or home. The plant is known for its show-stopping orange-yellow flowers that bloom abundantly and attract hummingbirds and butterflies to your garden.
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2. Marde Ross & Company


A Delicacy Prised by Gourmet Restaurants, 900 Seeds, Round Parisian Carrots

Marde Ross & Company #Anzeige - Excels in clay or rocky soil where other carrots have problems developing properly. Marde ross & company specializes in flowering bulbs and peonies and has been a licensed California Nursery since 1985. The parisian carrot is a little round carrot that is a nineteenth-century French heirloom! this carrot variety is an early orange-red carrot that grows almost more like the shape of a large radish. Non gmO. Plant seeds 1" apart and 1/4-1/2" Deep. Its flavor is legendary and is highly sought after by gourmet restaurants.
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3. Survival Essentials


Grow Healthy Non-GMO Food, Survival Essentials 135 Variety Seed Vault, Medicinal Herb Seeds, Heirloom Seeds for Planting Vegetables and Fruits

Survival Essentials #Anzeige - We plant, store, and package every heirloom seed you buy because we’re a small family-operated business in Oklahoma, headed by two HEIRLOOM SEED GARDENING EXPERTS with 50+ years of combined experience. Bonus 1 - you'll get rare tomato heirloom seed varieties like Tigerella, Azoychka, Cherokee Purple, Big Rainbow, Costoluto Genovese, Chocolate Stripes, Brandywine Red, and so much more.

Covers all 9 hardiness zones due to its large assortment and wide variety - making it the most complete heirloom seed bank on the market - perfect for heirloom gardeners and preppers since anywhere you go in the U. S. You'll be able to start an heirloom garden there.

Bonus 2 - you’ll also receive "secrets to successful long term seed Storage" by world-renown horticulturist Suzanne Ashworth provided with purchase so you'll know how to store seeds properly and make them last for 2, 3, 5, 10 years. What’s inside survival essential’s heirloom seed bank? click the 3rd photo on the left side - you’ll see 23, 335+ heirloom seeds that consists of Veggies, Fruits, Medicinal and Culinary Herbs.
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4. Open Seed Vault


Premium Quality, Gardening Gifts, Open Seed Vault 15,000 Heirloom Seeds Non-GMO Organic for Planting Vegetables & Fruits 32 Variety Pack, Survival Gear Food, High Yield Produce, Emergency Supplies

Open Seed Vault #Anzeige - Step by step instructions and seed saving guide for growing and seed saving. Into an everlasting food supply. It’s easy to use and packed with information. High quality food seeds with high germination Rates, 99% Purity. Harvest 15, 000 seeds per variety seed pack such as: beans, carrots, tomatoes, pumpkin, Radish, lettuce, sunflower, squash, watermelon, 000 FRUITS & VEGETABLES FROM up to 3, Peppers, cucumbers, spinach, Eggplants and many more seeds.

Our seeds have never been sourced from Monsanto and never will be! Our Survival seeds make a great gardener gift. 100% usa heirloom, open pollinated, non hybrid, raw, chemically untreated garden vegetable seeds. Perfect for survivalist, tornadoes, preparedness kits, hurricanes, famine other natural disasters or acts of GOD. Our seeds are stored in our air tight, long term food & storage.

Includes planting time suggestions, harvesting instructions, and a primer on seed saving that will help you turn your garden into an everlasting food supply. 100% usa homegrown high quality food seeds with high germination rates & 99% purity. Osv garden seeds are essential for bug out bags, floods, PREPPERS & EMERGENCY situations, Droughts War, camping gear & survival gear equipment. Our seeds are stored in our air tight, moisture Proof Resealable Bag for safe, Moisture Proof Resealable Bag for safe, Long Term Food & Storage.
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5. Sow Right Seeds


Sow Right Seeds, Catnip and Cat Grass Seed Collection for Planting Indoors or Outdoors, Non-GMO Heirloom Seed, Includes The Popular herb Seed Catnip and Cat Grass 100% Sweet Oat Grass

Sow Right Seeds #Anzeige - 100% natural -- know exactly what you are giving your cat by growing your own catnip and Cat Grass. It’s much safer for your cat than eating the grass outside. Plus, we are available to answer all your questions. This plant contains nepetalactone oil which gives most cats a sense of euphoria and intense happiness.

These seeds are 100% natural and the plants will be safe for your cat to smell, chew, or play with. Most cats absolutely love the herb Catnip. Healthy cat -- cat grass grown from 100% sweet oats will help keep your cat healthy by providing fiber and natural trace elements such as vitamins A and D. Easy to grow -- instructions included on each packet with additional growing tips on our “Sow Successful” Blog.

Two packets of cat grass minimum of 6g per packet and one packet of Catnip minimum of 300mg per packet. Safe seed -- sow right seeds has taken the Safe Seed Pledge and sells only Non-GMO heirloom seeds that are safe for your pet. Happy cat -- pamper your cat with this happy cat collection. If these seeds don’t germinate, we will happily make it right for you.
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6. Outsidepride


1000 Seeds, Outsidepride Blue Nepeta Catmint Herb Gardening Plant Seed

Outsidepride #Anzeige - Start the nepeta seeds in spring once frost danger has passed. Catnip nepeta needs soil that drains well or it can develop crown rot, but it tolerates drought and heat well.

Catmint grows as a perennial plant reaching 12 inches in height in USDA zones 3 - 9. The flowers are rich in nectar and will attract many beneficial insects to the garden. Sowing rate: approximately 1, 000 seeds covers 20 square feet or 3 - 4 seeds per plant. Catmint flower seed is fast to establish and you may see blooms the first year if the flower seeds are sown early. The flower spikes will cover the plant and have many small violet blue flowers. After blooming, trim the plant back to neaten the appearance and to promote another bloom.
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7. CZ Grain


Made in USA. Ships from Iowa. Fun and Easy to Grow Your Own Food, Exotic Pawpaw Tree Seeds, Paw paw Tree Seeds for Planting | 6 Seeds | Edible Fruit Tree

CZ Grain #Anzeige - Ships from our farm in Iowa. Satisfaction Guaranteed. All natural soil like cz grain soil, or Fox Farms Ocean Forest Soil is very good soil! Native Banana Tree. Great for Bonsai. 6 seeds of the pawpaw tree. You get authentic pawpaw seeds shipped from Iowa. Buy with confidence from cz grain. Made in USA. Tasty edible fruit. These seeds benefit from Stratification, or at least Scarification.
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