Top 7 Golden Malrin Fly Bait – Pet Supplies Markdowns

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1. Starbar


Starbar Golden Malrin Fly Bait, Plain

Starbar #Anzeige - Country of origin : United States. Package height : 27. 787 cm. Product type : pet SUPPLIES. Package length : 20497 cm. Package width : 24. 384 cm. Package weight : 108 lbs.
ZnačkaStarbar #Anzeige
VýrobceSTARBAR #Anzeige
Výška7 inches
Délka8 inches
Hmotnost10 pounds
Šířka10 inches
Číslo dílu100527078
ModelkaStarbar Golden Malrin Fly Bait
ZárukaAs Labelled

2. Starbar


Starbar Golden Malrin Fly Bait 40 Lbs

Starbar #Anzeige - Broadcast application or use in FBS fly bait stations. Top selling flybait in the United States. Active ingredient: methomyl 1. 100% z-9- tricosene 0049%. Excellent control of nuisance flies for commercial and other rural applications as well as dumpsters, meat and poultry plants and more. Use in: livestock feeding areas, food processing plants, bottling plants, restaurants bakeries supermarkets warehouses, amusement parks, feed lots, kennels, barns, dumpsters, stables, vet clinics, zoos, campgrounds and anywhere flies are a nuisance.
ZnačkaStarbar #Anzeige
VýrobceZoecon #Anzeige



Quikstrike Fly Bait 1 Pound, 1-Lb, Starbar

STARBAR #Anzeige - Ready to use scatter bait. For use in house near livestock poultry facilities and more. Attracts and kills house flies.
ZnačkaSTARBAR #Anzeige
VýrobceSTARBAR #Anzeige
Výška4.75 inches
Délka3.5 inches
Hmotnost1 pounds
Šířka3.5 inches
Číslo dílu100508299/3006231

4. Starbar


Starbar Quikstrike Fly Bait 2-Pound

Starbar #Anzeige - Attracts and kills house flies. 2 1lb cans of Quikstike Fly Bait. For use in house, near livestock, poultry facilities and more. Ready to use scatter bait.
ZnačkaStarbar #Anzeige
VýrobceStarbar #Anzeige
Výška3.46 inches
Délka7.09 inches
Hmotnost2 pounds
Šířka5.25 inches
Číslo dílu4347481849

5. Farnam


5-Pound, Farnam Home and Garden 3006192 Quikstrike Fly Scatter Bait

Farnam #Anzeige - Formula is fast acting and Ready To Use As Scatter Bait. Can be used in bait stations, or mixed into A Paint On Solution To Apply With Brushes Where Flies Rest. Fly scatter bait should not be used inside Homes, Or Any Place Where Children Or Animals Might Be Present. Dinotefuran is the active ingredient in quikstrike Fly Scatter Bait and Is An Epa Approved, Insecticide To Control Of Nuisance House Flies. 5 lb. Fly scatter bait is ideal for The Control Of Nuisance Flies In and Around Livestock Areas.
ZnačkaFarnam #Anzeige
VýrobceTV Non-Branded Items (Pets) #Anzeige
Výška8 inches
Délka6 inches
Hmotnost5 Pounds
Šířka6 inches
Číslo dílu3006192

6. Stram


Stram QuikStrike Fly Bait Spray 1lb

Stram #Anzeige - Easily covers walls and other surfaces, attracting and killing house flies in hard-to-reach places scatter baits can't reach. Attracts and kills house flies and lesser house flies. Fast acting.
ZnačkaStram #Anzeige
VýrobceStarbar #Anzeige
Výška4 inches
Délka4 inches
Hmotnost1 pounds
Šířka4 inches
Číslo dílu100545574

7. Starbar


16 Pouches Total, Starbar 2 Bags of Fly Trap Attractant

Starbar #Anzeige - Refill fly traps such as Fly Terminator Pro and Captivator Fly Trap. Each package contains eight 30 gm. Contains specially formulated attractant for effective fly control. Water soluble fly attractant pouch. Water soluble pouches.
ZnačkaStarbar #Anzeige
VýrobceStarbar #Anzeige
Výška5 inches
Délka2 inches
Šířka1 inches
Číslo dílu100523455-2